St Margaret’s Church

Urbi et Orbi: Let’s Stay Connected!

I just finished watching and praying with Pope Francis, and receiving his urbi et orbi blessing, which means city and world. I loved how he used the Gospel passage of Jesus asleep in the boat during a storm and his disciples reaction of fear to help us to put our situation with this pandemic now into perspective. We have to remain steadfast in faith. If you did not get a chance to experience it you still can on YouTube in Italian or with translation into English. 

As you know we are working on ways to reach out to our parishioners. I now have a blog on our improved website, I have a YouTube channel, and we are very active on our Facebook page St Margaret’s Catholic Church and our ability to use MyParish app is also improving. Of course some of our parishioners cannot be reached through these methods so we are making DVDs for people who do not have the internet to watch YouTube . We are still printing the bulletin, they are available in the church, as well as emailing them and having them on the website. I need your help getting the word out. If you know someone that doesn’t have internet can you let us know? Maybe you could print things off for them or we can do that in the office for them. Let’s all stay in touch. Call people you know from the parish to see how they are doing. The number at the rectory is 856-6226 give us a call if you want to talk. Let’s stay connected and help each other stay steadfast in our faith!

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