St Margaret’s Church

Solidarity Through Interdependence

We hear in our first reading at Mass this weekend of what is now considered the foundation of the Order of Deacons, the choosing of the seven men to see to the equal distribution of goods for the widows in the early Jerusalem community. The Apostles lay hands on them and pray over them to prepare them for this important work, and from this we get some of the elements that we find in the ordination of deacons today. I find it humorous that the Apostles say that they do not want to take neglect the Word for the tasks that they give to these seven men. The next thing we hear is that two of these men begin to spread the Word. It is a reminder to me that the Holy Spirit often times has other ideas for us than we have for ourselves, and that is okay, the Holy Spirit moves us when we stay open and in line with God’s will. That is what Jesus is trying to tell the Apostles in our Gospel reading. I do not think that He was angry with Philip when He asked him if he still does not know Him. He is teaching him and letting him know that disciples must stay aligned with God and allow ourselves to admit mistakes and continue to move forward in His will. We are all called to be disciples of Jesus Christ, so these words to Philip can be great help to us along the way.

It is difficult to understand God’s will at the best of times but in times like these when we are taken out of so many of our comfort zones it is very difficult. Bishop Steven has asked us to live in solidarity in this difficult time. We are by nature independent people in Wyoming, and darn proud of it. We are being called to be interdependent at this time. In reality we are always called to be interdependent by Jesus. The Greatest Commandment is really all about interdependence. Our Catholic Christian faith is all doubt interdependence. Our Bishop made a really good point a while ago. We should consider this a time of physical distancing not social distancing. We need to continue to find ways to reach out to each other, to help each other through this time. Remember those first seven deacons agreed to make sure that food distribution for widows was done fairly and then the Holy Spirit led them to many other great things. We are all called to be disciples and that means doing God’s will for the good of all people.

We are now celebrating the sacrament of penance by appointment. Soon we will be having Mass for ten people at a time. We will be taking reservation at the parish office, there will be more information on this process soon. Thank you all and God bless!

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