St Margaret’s Church

Rights, Responsibilities and Palms

At this time we may be wondering who these people think they are. We might ask: What gives the Governor the right to tell me to stay home? or Why is the bishop cancelling everything when we live by faith unafraid of death (or at least we are supposed to be unafraid of death)? Of course we know what gives them the right to take these actions, their offices. As calmer heads prevail we know that they are doing what they have discerned to be for the common good. So they have the right to take these actions. In the church rights always come with responsibilities. They both have the responsibility to take these actions for the common good. It is very important for us to remember that with the rights that we have as citizens of the United States of America and as baptized Christians comes great responsibilities. For a Catholic Christian rights and responsibilities come hand in hand. So let us continue to stay home and accept these restrictions with the grace that God has given us.

This Sunday is of course Palm Sunday. Mass will be live-streamed as usual on Sunday morning at 9AM on both our YouTube channel and on our Facebook page, there are links for both on our website. From 10:30-3:30 blessed palms will be available at the front of the church. There will be volunteers there with face masks and gloves on to distribute the palms. PLEASE stay in your car and indicate to them how many you want and they will bring them to you. They will be available in the parking lot at Our Lady of the Woods from 12:30-1-30. We want everyone to be safe so I will wear a mask and gloves while I am blessing the palms and then we will seal them back up to lessen the chance of viral contamination. We will also store all of the palms that are not picked up for people to get at a later time if these hours don’t work for you. We can store them until we are able to gather again as we all long to do so very much, and you can get them then if you so choose.

God bless you!

Fr. Louie

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