Our Mission
We, the Saint Margaret’s Catholic School Community, are dedicated to inspiring faith, achieving academic excellence, and nurturing all students to form strong moral character and values.

The entire staff at Saint Margaret’s School embraces the Gospel values of love of God and service to humankind, formation in the Catholic Faith and moral principles, and the development of personal integrity and character.  We believe the center of Christian Life is based in a strong parental involvement in the lives of the children, supported by dedicated teachers and staff. We affirm the dignity and uniqueness of each human person and strive to create an environment that nurtures and encourages the academic, spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development of each student.

With Christ as our center, we, the faculty at St. Margaret’s Catholic School, are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of the children entrusted to our loving care.

For detailed admissions requirements, tuition information, policies, schedules, processes, uniform dress code, etc., please consult our Parent Handbook.

Staff is available to schedule tours and answer questions for any prospective student’s family. When appropriate, St. Margaret’s will admit students at any time during the year.

St. Margaret’s does not discriminate on the basis of race, color or national and ethnic origin. Students are not required to be Catholic to attend St. Margaret’s.

New families seeking to enroll a child are asked to participate in a selection committee interview conducted by the principal. In addition, families must meet admission criteria related to participation, age, behavior and academic performance. See page 6 of the Parent Handbook for specifics.

Safe Environment
St. Margaret’s is committed to the safety of our students. Throughout the year we practice various drills for different safety situations. Our doors are secure during the instructional day and the front door is monitored with video and intercom. During the 2018/19 School Year a security camera system is being installed to further boost security.

Age appropriate, Diocesan Approved instruction is provided to all grades (with parental consent). This training teaches students about the dignity God has given them and helps students identify inappropriate behaviors and steps to take to stay safe and how to report actions that make them uncomfortable.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Cheyenne and St. Margaret’s Catholic School require ALL adult staff members and volunteers involved in school activities (including parents) are required to submit to a background check, conducted through the Diocese of Cheyenne. They are also required to attend Safe Environment Training and to pass a test on the material. To read more on The Diocese of Cheyenne’s Safe Environment Policies, click here.

For more than 50 years, St. Margaret’s Catholic School has provided children, Preschool through 5th Grade a quality Catholic education with high academic standards. The majority of our students exceed Wyoming State academic standards.

Our teachers are certified and experienced educators who have teach at St. Margaret’s “by choice and not by chance.” Click here to meet our staff.

Students also participate in a wide range of academic activities such as field trips, spelling and geography bees, science fair, reading competitions and more. In addition to classroom basics, students participate in music, art, physical education, Latin, computer and library instruction.

Title I remedial assistance is available on-site.

We believe that a child is best educated as a whole person: mind, body and spirit. Therefore, every day begins with Morning Prayer as a school community. Weekly Mass, daily religious instruction and prayer are infused into all our activities and academics.

For more information on our curriculum, consult page 7 in our Parent Handbook.

Parent/Guardian Involvement
We are partners in a child’s education and what is taught during the instructional day must be reinforced at home to be effective. Therefore, we expect and encourage the involvement of our students’ families in the classroom when possible and with various activities throughout the year.

Each Preschool and single-parent family is required to give 15 hours of volunteer time during the school year and 30 hours are expected from all other families. We also understand the reality of family situations and will make exceptions when necessary.

Tuition only accounts for 35{dbed5ab176ca440c347579f2b5fc90225f2295f83f7027d6e10e90303f2d1d76} of the school’s income. So in an attempt to keep tuition cost from being a barrier to attendance, St. Margaret’s requires families to help with various fundraising activities throughout the year.

For more information on volunteering and fundraising, consult our Parent Handbook.

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)
The St. Margaret’s School PTO meets throughout the year to plan fundraisers, fun nights, and other activities. Parents receive volunteer hours for participation.

The success of our school is dependent upon dedicated, involved parents.  The PTO is very active in planning Catholic School Week activities, family nights, and field trips.  Fundraisers include the annual Christmas wreath and trees sales and the annual spring dinner dance.  Parents are encouraged to be frequent visitors to the school and always welcome.

PTO meetings will be announced in the Week-at-a-Glance sent home each week with your student.

Lunch Program
St. Margaret’s offers a hot lunch program to students. Qualifying families may take advantage of free and reduced cost programs. Current pricing is detailed on page 9 of the Parent Handbook.

We also offer Wellness and Physical Education classes to all students as part of our curriculum, including instruction in proper nutrition. To reach our Wellness Policy, click here.

Tuition Information
Tuition only accounts for 35{dbed5ab176ca440c347579f2b5fc90225f2295f83f7027d6e10e90303f2d1d76} of St. Margaret’s operating budget. Every effort has been made to keep tuition from being an obstacle to attendance. Tuition assistance and scholarships are available for qualified applicants.

For detailed fee and tuition information, see page 8 of our Parent Handbook.

Uniform Policy
Saint Margaret’s Catholic School follows a mandatory uniform dress code. The details can be found on page 14 of our Parent Handbook.

Prospective Students

We would love to meet you and answer your questions. We admit students and give tours year-round, so it’s never too late to reach out to begin the admission process!

Contact us today:
St. Margaret’s Catholic School
220 North 7th East
Riverton, WY 82501
[email protected]

Returning Students

Welcome back! We’re excited to have you here. Please fill out the forms in the registration packet and return them to the school office.


St. Margaret’s:
Monday- No Mass
Tuesday - 12:15pm
Wednesday – 8:15am (School)
Thursday & Friday - 7:00am, 2nd Friday in Spanish at 5:30pm
Saturday – 5:30pm (Anticipatory)
Sunday – 9:00am
Confession: Thurs 5:30-6:30, Sat at 3:45pm
Our Lady of the Woods
Winter Schedule (November - April): Sunday 4:00pm
Summer Schedule (May - October): Sunday 5:00pm
St. Edwards:  Sunday 12pm.
St. Joseph’s:  No Services.


Church Building
620 E. Fremont
Riverton, WY 82501

618 E. Fremont
Riverton, WY 82501

220 N. 7th St. E.
Riverton, WY 82501


Our Lady of the Woods Dubois
Winter Schedule (November - April): Sunday 4:00pm
Summer Schedule (May - October): Sunday 5:00pm
Confession 30 minutes prior to Mass and by appointment
St. Edwards Kinnear
Sunday 12:00pm
(confessions by appointment)
St. Joseph Shoshoni
No Services (confessions by appointment)