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Phase II of the reduction of restrictions

Hello every one, praise be to Jesus Christ we will be moving our weekend Masses back into our church for the celebration of the Feast of the Ascension. and thankfully we will be in Phase II of the reduction of restrictions at all of our functions.  Below is the bulletin insert that goes out this week. We will go back to our regular schedule with 8AM Sunday being our Mass that masks are required at as per the strong recommendation below. I look forward to seeing you all at church!

In Christ’s Joy

Fr. Louie

Beginning Friday, May 14, the Diocese of Cheyenne will move into Phase II of Reducing COVID-19 Restrictions. Decisions by the Diocesan COVID-19 Response Team to lift restrictions are based on the percentage of persons vaccinated statewide. According to the CDC, herd immunity is reached when 70-80% of the entire population is fully vaccinated. As of April 28, 2021, 41% of adults in Wyoming have received at least one vaccination, and 34% are fully vaccinated. As more people become fully vaccinated, we will come closer to herd immunity and, consequently, move more quickly between phases.

Phase II changes are: No capacity restrictions; face masks are encouraged for all, especially for those not vaccinated (To accommodate those with health conditions, it is strongly recommended to celebrate one weekend Mass where face masks are required); face masks are required for liturgical ministers when processing, distributing Eucharist, or in close proximity to others; altar servers may hold the Missal and carry candles for the Gospel; deacons may elevate the Chalice; keeping in mind the comfort level of those around you, traditional gestures for the Sign of Peace may resume (handshake, embrace, etc.) with the option of choosing a no-touch gesture, such as a simple bow; serving the Body of the Lord on the tongue is permitted at the end of the regular distribution of the Body of the Lord after everyone has received on the hand; confessionals and adoration chapels may be used (face masks are required).

Also, meals, snacks, and treats may be served (funeral receptions) with those serving the meal wearing face masks and food and beverages served (no buffet/self-service); day trips may be taken; similar practices are to be observed for other parish meetings, activities, and ministries; other state and local health and food safety directives and precautions are to be followed.

Please note: If a serious outbreak occurs, prior protocols may be reinstated.




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